Gaoxin teaches you how to easily master roller skating
If you want to check if you are not stable, you can do the following: glide, then bend your knees slightly, bow, put one foot behind the other, lift it slightly, and see if you can How long you persist, the longer you persist, the more stable you are! However, because the body is a whole, it is obviously not possible to simply control the roller skates by the ankle or the calf. It also requires the comprehensive coordination of the head, body, buttocks and legs to form three points. First-line, steady and steady! After practicing steady, you need to practice, which is reflected in the coordination of the activities of various joints. This time is the time to wrestle, because you need to practice, you need to find some more fancy moves Do it, but that fancy action is very difficult, but you can start with simple exercises, such as crossing the pile forward, you can practice the ankle, knee and wide joints, while practicing roller skates Inside and outside the blade, then the back crossing pile, then Crazy ..., the video teaching area in the bar has a lot of easy to learn tutorials, you can learn step by step.
First of all, the importance of basic skills needs to be emphasized. Many people don't pay much attention to the practice of basic skills. At the beginning, they practice some difficult movements, because these difficult movements are indeed a symbol of masters in the eyes of spectators (laymen), but they do not think so. , Insiders can figure out your ice age and the sweat you paid based on your use of the blade, the use of the internal and external blades, and the physical stretch of the body. This is exactly the phrase "outsiders look at liveliness, insiders look at doorways". Although some people can pass through piles smoothly, and can also use some complex movements, but when it comes to basic movements, they are dwarfed. I once "consecrated", I could cross the piles forward and walk on one foot. Over the pile, but when my teacher called one-leg straight forward, I ca n’t do it, because the stability is not enough, often not far forward, it can not support, and the stability of the ankle is very poor, when walking , Shaking left and right.