Gao Xin teaches you how to buy skates and maintenance common sense
It is understood that as early as 1110, in order to hunt in the winter, hunters put bones under long leather shoes, which is the earliest model of skates. In 1760, a London musical instrument maker, Josef Marin, invented a pair of roller skates with small wheels made of metal. He wore these skates to a masquerade while playing the violin while skating. Although he finally fell "seven and eight", he set a precedent for roller skating. In 1819, Mancil-Pitibault invented another kind of skates. The soles were made of wooden blocks, and the wheels were installed in a line. But because each wheel is different in size, this shoe can only slip forward. By 1863, American James finally invented a pair of side-by-side roller skates, which can perform various actions of turning, forward and backward. This is the most widely used roller skates.
Types of roller skates
1. The tray is set on the bottom of the skates with rivets, the wheels are screwed on the bearings of the tray with screws, and the shoe is sold as a complete set;
2. The Wheels and bracket for shoes and wheels sold separately or only for roller skates can be installed by the athletes themselves. In addition, from the perspective of the arrangement of the wheels, there are differences between double-row wheels and single-row wheels. In current speed skating competitions, more roller skates with single-row wheels and shoes are used.
maintenance Maintenance of roller skates
maintain In order to maintain durability and smooth running, daily maintenance is critical.
Maintenance is mainly for the following parts:
一 .Pearing (Bearing): It is called a bearing. After the bearing slides for a period of time, it is prone to have dirt inside, which affects the sliding, and the bearing is easy to be damaged. Pay attention to the following:
1. Do not glide in a place with water. If water is accidentally splashed, the bearing should be removed and wiped clean with a dry towel to prevent rust.
2. Don't glide on the road with sand and stones. Once the small sand particles enter the bearing and the inside, the balls will be destroyed quickly, resulting in the normal use of the bearing.
3. After sliding every day, remove the bearing and wipe it to keep the bearing surface clean and dry.
4. After using the bearing for one month, if there is any abnormal noise, please perform professional maintenance. Go to the designated store and have the professional perform the maintenance. First, the professional should open the bearing cover, boil the bearing and bearing cover in boiling water, and be dirty. After the material is boiled, rinse the bearing and bearing cover with clean water, then dry it, and then add the special oil for the bearing. After the oil is evenly distributed between the bearing particles, seal it again. If the bearing is often carried out according to the above maintenance method, it can greatly extend Bearing life.
2. Wheel (wheel): Because everyone slides differently, the degree of wear of the wheel is also different, but whether you are playing flat flower, stunt or speed skating, the basic life extension method of the wheel is roughly the same.
1. Do not glide on sandy or uneven places.
2.Single-footed 1, 3 and 2, or 4 or 1, 3, 5 and 4, and 2 wheels of one-shoes are exchanged with each other after sliding for a period of time. a bit.
3. Screws: Check the screws frequently for looseness and dryness to prevent rusting or falling off.
4. Upper: Maintain the upper depending on the materials used.
1. Speed skating shoes: Speed skating uppers can be added with shoe covers. Frequently changing shoe covers can prolong the life of the uppers. Speed skating shoes are mostly leather, according to the maintenance method of the leather shoes. Wipe or use leather oil for maintenance.
2. Other footwear: uppers are of various materials, but generally use a small brush to lightly brush, do not wash with water.
V. When roller skates are not worn, clean up all parts and put them in a cool and dry place where it is not easy to be exposed to direct sunlight, so as not to rust the screws or bearings, discolor the wheels and crack the leather.
知识 Knowledge of buying skates
The project of skating the ice rink is very good. I believe that everyone has also inspected it, and the benefits of roller rinks are good. However, the key to the opening is the purchase of roller skates. This is heavy! If you buy it incorrectly, it will be difficult to have a good return. Poor quality shoes are as good as cattle hair. If you don't have some knowledge in this area, it is difficult to have good choices.
First of all, the quality of roller skates (skates) is excellent:
Shoes for roller skating are different from personal shoes. With an average usage rate of 8 hours per day, he must be several times better than personal shoes to prevent irreversible damage under high frequency use. Low-grade roller skates (skates) generally use inferior bearings and generally can only be used for 10 days to 1 month. The wheels are generally made of PVC material, which is non-wear-resistant and non-grip. The use time is 1-3 months. A few use domestic PU materials, but the wheels are small and slow. The bottom plate of the bracket is easily deformed with inferior recycled materials, and the gap is too large, and the design is unreasonable and arduous when skating. Skate brakes are particularly unreliable and frequently replaced. Poor upper leather. The sole easily tears the shoe. Maintenance costs are higher than the price of the shoes. Owners of low-grade roller skates (skates) generally want to pay 40% of their profits for repair and replacement.
Secondly, the skating effect of the skates is very important. Only when the skates are easy to use can they win the market and win customers. Mainly depends on the design of the chassis structure angle and the upper force point design. Secondly, it is also related to the hardness of the wheels (currently, the hardness of domestic PU raw materials is generally 5 degrees lower and the speed is slightly worse) and whether the bearings use high-grade chromium steel GB608 with high speed.
Maintenance accounting (double) / 1: bearing 16 (a) * 2.6 = 41.6 (yuan) PU wheels 8 (a) * 5 = 50 yuan. Skate brakes 4 * 2 = 8 yuan total 89 yuan. The above accessories, such as replacement of low-grade accessories, can only be maintained for 2-3 months. If the gap between the shock absorption pads of the floor support is too large, it is easy to run off and cannot be corrected, and the skating speed is unreasonable because of an unreasonable design angle. Tear soles cannot be repaired. Synthetic leather is too hard to grind.
我们 According to our statistics, the business of roller skating rinks that use high-grade roller skates is generally much better than the competitive business of roller skating rinks with medium and low-grade roller skates. (Skate) Skates are not easy to use, which will affect the fun of skating. Almost all of the roller skating rinks that were eliminated were low-grade skates (skates), and quality problems kept coming up for repairs and replacements all day, which would result in the loss of customers and even bankruptcy.
I look forward to your careful consideration with reference to the above points and careful consideration to avoid regrets.