What is a children's balance car?
Children's balance bike, also known as a scooter. The English names are BalanceBike, RunningBike, WalkingBike, Pushbike. The appearance is like a bicycle with the pedals and the chain removed, because it is completely dependent on the baby to slide forward with his feet. Suitable for children from 18 months to 6 years old. It first originated in Germany and later became popular in Europe.
   In the past two years, the balance car has also become very popular in China, and now it can be said to be popular all over the world! Why can this new sport be so popular? There is definitely a reason for such a popular cloud sports for children. Let's take a look at what is good about scooters?
   1. The balance bike provides children with an opportunity to develop limb muscles. European experts have confirmed that developing children's sense of balance through training and giving children sufficient stimulation of leg muscles will have a positive effect on future social skills and concentration training in the classroom. Through their own learning to drive and ride their first two-wheeled vehicle can bring a sense of accomplishment and cultivate independent performance in their self-confidence to build a great effect.
  Second, the balance bike is a high-quality children's sport. It can promote the development of the vestibular system, exercise core balance, and improve physical coordination. Increase a lot of outdoor sports, enhance your baby's physique and resistance, and improve immunity to TV and games.
   Third, the balance car is a medium. It can attract babies to go together, meet and ride together, and enhance children's social skills in team activities.
  Four, balance car is a tool. Can cultivate children's self-confidence, guts and independence, especially in the process of challenging children's concentration, improve psychological quality, improve anti-frustration ability.