Exercise leg strength, balance training tool
1. Running method
Running is one of the most basic exercises for human beings, and it is also the most basic way to practice leg strength.
Running method is a variety of methods to improve leg strength by running as the basic exercise method.
According to the distance, running can be divided into sprint, middle-distance running and long-distance running; according to the different terrain, it can be divided into flat running, mountain running, plain running, plateau running, road running, and playground running; according to different equipment, it can be divided into free running and load-bearing running; According to different breathing, it can be divided into anaerobic running and aerobic running.
The main way is as follows:
1. 30-60m acceleration running and variable speed running: It mainly exercises the instantaneous explosive power of the legs, improves the flexibility of footwork, and enhances the starting speed of the legwork. It is required to use all strength and increase the swing arm when accelerating. Run at the fastest speed. When running at a variable speed, start suddenly and forcefully.
2. Slope running: rushing uphill is mainly to practice the frequency of leg swings, and rushing downhill is mainly to practice the amplitude of leg swings. The slope length is generally chosen between 30 and 60 meters. Running on a slope is mainly to increase the explosive power of the legs.
3. Step running: According to the height of the steps, choose how many steps to run in one step. If the steps are high, choose to run one by one, which can increase the flexibility of the footwork and the frequency of step changes; if the steps are low, choose to run across several steps at a time, which can better enhance the explosive power of the legs.
4. Run with sandbags: According to the actual situation of the individual, choose the appropriate sand leggings for leg strength exercises. Long-term persistence can improve the endurance and strength of the legs.
5. The method and effect of running in a sand vest are the same as above.
6. 15-meter turn-back run: run back and forth at a distance of 15 meters to improve the explosive power of the legs and instant start speed.
7. Long-distance running: The long-distance running of more than 3 kilometers mainly exercises the endurance of the legs and strengthens the strength base of the long-term exercise of the legs. During the long-distance running, the main attention is to arm swing and breathing, and the distribution of physical strength.